A personal webserver

Swiftfire is written to minimize the number of tools needed to host a website, and to remove dependency on external service providers.

Swiftfire currently supports static websites only. While there are plans for substantial functional improvements in the near future, there are no promises.

Swiftfire is an open-source webserver, and is currently targeted to people who know how to code (in Swift) and use XCode.

Open Source

All code is open source. You are encouraged to download the sourcecode from github and customize the Swift code as necessary for your own website/project. Up until version 1.0 is released this will be the only way to install Swiftfire. From v1.0 on, there will be builds that can be downloaded from the AppStore for convenience or non-programmers.

4 (or 5) make 1

The Swiftfire project is split into 4 (or 5) smaller projects.

  • SwifterLog: A general purpose logging utility.
  • SwifterJSON: A JSON code interpreter/generator.
  • SwifterSockets: A collection of networking utilities at the POSIX level.
  • Swiftfire: The webserver (a GUI-less application).
  • SwiftfireTester: A challenge/response utility to test Swiftfire. This last one is optional.

All of these are open source and can be found on github.

Quick News

2016-08-28: Release v0.9.14

2016-08-08: Release v0.9.13

2016-07-29: Release v0.9.12

Browser information

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If something is wrong even though a modern browser is used, please tell me so using the address on the contact page.