A single class framework in Swift to read/write & parse the JSON Format.

While created for the Swiftfire server, it is completely self containing and can be used for other projects as is.

For historical reasons this package is still called SwifterJSON even though the only implementation left (and supported) is the VJson package.


  • Creates a fully featured JSON hierarchy from file (Data, Buffer or String).
  • Intuitive subscript accessors (for creation).
  • Intuitive pipe accessors (for interrogation).
  • Interpret items as other types (eg read a Bool as a String or vice-versa).
  • Allows multiple values with identical names in an OBJECT.
  • Allows ARRAYs with different JSON types.
  • Overloaded assignment operators for readable code.
  • Auto creation of null values for optional items that are nil.
  • Type conflicts can be configured to create fatal errors (is default).
  • Build with Swift 3
  • Includes extensive unit tests
  • Use either integrated parser or Appleā€™s NSJSONSerialization parser
  • Builds with SPM (Swift Package Manager)
  • Builds with Xcode as modular framework
  • Merge function is NSOutlineView compatible
  • Limited KVO support to provide easier integration with -for example- an NSOutlineView
  • Notifications are isued for KVO updates.
  • Caching of named members for higher performance (usable in most cases)
  • Prepared for use under Linux (but not tested yet)


See the readme at github: README

The reference manual: Reference manual