While there have been a few pre-releases, SecureSockets is now released in version 0.3.0 as the initial release.

SecureSockets is a abstraction build on openSSL and uses SwifterSockets for POSIX socket networking. SecureSockets allows applications to quickly add secure networking and shields the application from the intricacies of C based OpenSSL.

SecureSockets is completely implemented in Swift.

SecureSockets is released as a Swift Package and can be included into projects using the Swift Package Manager.

Alternatively an Xcode project is included that allows the generation of a modular framework that can be included in other Xcode based projects.

COpenSsl is introduced as a companion to SecureSockets and is needed to build SecureSockets. COpenSsl is a package wrapper around OpenSSL.

SecureSockets is available as a download from github

SwifterSockets is also available as a download from github

COpenSsl is also available as a download from github

It is recommended to install SecureSockets using the git and the Swift Package Manager. Note that openSSL is not included and must be installed separately. Instructions are included in the SecureSockets README at github.