Release 0.10.10 now allows websites to use very large HTTP bodies. This can be used -for example- to allow users to upload files.

This also means that the interface to the services has changed slightly: In the previous releases when the first service was started, the HTTP request was guaranteed to be complete. This is no longer the case.

When the first service is started only the header of the HTTP request is guaranteed to be complete. The body may be either complete or incomplete. If a complete body is needed -and it is ensured to have a reasonably small size- then a new service is available to enforce completeness of the body.

But for very large HTTP bodies this default behaviour would be very wasteful and potentially dangerous. Since it is up to the website to determine what needs to be done with the HTTP bodies, each website should implement its own way of handling very large HTTP bodies.

In addition a new subproject ‘HTML’ was introduced to provide a more secure way (and less error prone) to generate HTML code from within Swift.