This is a pretty important update. It is the first version of Swiftfire that has all major components in place. With this release Swiftfire can now:

  • Provide server capabilities for multiple domains
  • Serve both HTTP and HTTPS requests
  • Serve static websites (out of the box)
  • Extend websites with services and functionality from modules written in Swift
  • Supports sessions (through cookies)
  • Supports accounts (ie differentiate between users)
  • Provides a web based interface for administrators

Still the work is not done yet. The web based interface needs more work and the underpinnings of ‘functions’ will probably need a revision of some kind.

But the current release of Swiftfire will likely not undergo any major modifications anymore before version 1.0 rolls out.

Well, with one exception: in the next release SwiftfireCore and SwiftfireConsole will be scrapped and replaced by the new web based interface (WBI). Though the WBI is already present, it does not yet cover all functionality. Hence it is still possible to use the SwiftfireConsole as well.

I should also not forget to mention that BRUtils was updated with some more functionality. And that two bugfixes have been made to SwifterSockets. A minor bugfix was made to SwifterLog as well.