Ongoing work on Swiftfire has reached a stage were we have issued a ‘working release’ and created two new subprojects SwiftfireCore and SwiftfireConsole.

The adaptation of the Swift Package Manager (SPM) made it necessary to split Swiftfire into two projects, one that can be created using the SPM (Swiftfire) and one that needs Xcode (SwiftfireConsole).

However the two share a considerable amount of code that should not be duplicated. To solve that a new subproject called SwiftfireCore was created that contains the shared code.

Note that the uploaded versions also need the head version of the supporting files and thus are rather difficult to build with the current release of SPM. The only way to do that is to create your own tagged releases in a local git repository.

As such, the current (sub) project uploads are mostly for our internal use and to show the direction of development for the Swiftfire server.