Swiftfire now contains an HTTPS server in addition to the normal HTTP server. SwiftfireConsole has been updated to include monitoring and control of the HTTPS server.

Certificates and private keys can be added to the server itself, and/or to the domains serviced.

If just a single domain is served, it is easiest to add the certificate and private key to the server. When multiple domains are serviced, each domain should have its own certificate. Alternatively the server certificate can also use the “alternative subject names” fields to include all domains.

From a performance perspective a single certificate with multiple “subject alternate names” offers the highest performance. Though the performance difference is probably small.

Swiftfire, SwiftfireCore and SwiftfireConsole are now at version 0.9.18

In the process, SecureSockets has been updated to version 0.4.2 covering two bugfixes (see source code or git commit comments).