It has been some time since the last update. But that did not mean that we forgot about Swiftfire. On the contrary.

Much of the work that has been going on behind the scenes was in fact benefitting to Swiftfire.

So was one of the big drawbacks of Swiftfire that visitor statistics were handled in-memory, leading to ever greater memory consumption. In the HEAD version at github this has now been replaced by a new database (BRBON) that writes the visitor data to disk, avoiding excessive memory footprints.

Several updates have also been made to keep up with the developments in the language itself. Some packages have been retired thanks to this.

And since PHP is an issue, we have added PHP support as well.

We are now closing in on release 1.0, but we are not there yet. First and foremost we have to do more testing.

Still, from here on the HEAD version at github will be updated with bugfixes as they happen and should remain usable until we reach the v1.0 milestone.