While created for the Swiftfire server, it is completely self containing and can be used for other projects as is.


  • Creates a fully featured JSON hierarchy from file (Data, Buffer or String).
  • Intuitive subscript accessors (for creation).
  • Intuitive pipe accessors (for interrogation).
  • Interpret items as other types (eg read a Bool as a String or vice-versa).
  • Allows multiple values with identical names in an OBJECT.
  • Allows ARRAYs with different JSON types.
  • Overloaded assignment operators for readable code.
  • Auto creation of null values for optional items that are nil.
  • Type conflicts can be configured to create fatal errors (is default).
  • Build with Swift 3
  • Includes extensive unit tests
  • Use either integrated parser or Appleā€™s NSJSONSerialization parser
  • Builds with SPM (Swift Package Manager)
  • Builds with Xcode as modular framework
  • Merge function is NSOutlineView compatible
  • Limited KVO support to provide easier integration with -for example- an NSOutlineView
  • Notifications are isued for KVO updates.
  • Caching of named members for higher performance (usable in most cases)
  • Prepared for use under Linux (but not tested yet)


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