Release 1.2.0 adds the ability to create multiple server admins and introduces domain admins.

Fixed Issues:

  • None

New features:

  • Multiple Server Admin accounts
  • New Domain Admin accounts


  • Update when convenient.

User Manual updates:

  1. To create more server admin accounts, visit the serveradmin pages.
  2. When a new domain is added, the server admin must also specify the initial domain admin.

Whether or not the domain is running, access the domain admin account by specifying the URL: “http://<domain-name>/setup”

Open issues

  • None

Anticipated changes

  • The library HTML will be removed. It is no longer convenient to use this approach with the new multi-line strings in Swift.
  • A decision will be made on how to handle the sources for sfadmin. Either these Jekyll based sources will be added to the project or they will be rewritten and become part of the source code.

No release is envisioned for these changes


There is a curious problem in Xcode when building the project after cleaning the build directory. It cannot compile all modules and will abort with an error does not properly identify the cause. This seems to be a problem with the dependency between modules. There is however a work around: first build the modules separately before building the project.

Link to previous release: 1.1.0

Link to next release: 1.2.1