Release 1.2.1 adds the sources for the server admin account, adds additional logging when server parameters are changed, and no longer needs explicit saving of changes in server parameters.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented updating the server admin root directory
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a full build after cleaning the build directory

New features:

  • No longer needs saving of changes made by the admin
  • Full logging of all changes made by the server admin
  • No longer uses the library Html


  • Update when convenient.

User Manual updates:

  1. When the server admin website must be changed it will be necessary to install the Jekyll static site generator and the Classic-Jekyll-Theme.
  2. The location of the sfadmin website has changed. It is no longer located in <Project>/sfadmin but has mbeen moved to <Project>/sfadmin/_site. When accessing the serveradmin account for the first time, it will be necessary to update this location.

Open issues

  • None

Anticipated changes

  • Implement services and functions to allow a blogging site to accept user reactions.

No release is envisioned for these changes


Link to previous release: 1.2.0